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Maileg Size and Shopping Guide

POV: you've discovered the magic of Maileg and are ready to start or continue your collection. 

Maileg collection is available to shop in different sizes and scales. We're here to help you understand the different sizing and shop this beautiful brand with total confidence. 

The most popular size of the Maileg Collection is the Mouse Collection. 

The mice come in four sizes: baby or MY sized, little sister/brother, big brother/sister, and mum/dad. The collection is perfectly cohesive and complimentary in both size and style:

Maileg Mice
Mom and Dad Mouse (6 inches)
Baby Boy and Girl Mouse (2.5 inches)
Little Brother and Sister Mouse (4 inches)
Big Brother and Sister Mouse (4.5 - 5 inches)
The Baby, Little Sister and Little Brother mice fit perfectly in a 'mouse' bed (as we indicate in both the product name and description), as well as mouse or mice sized furniture and accessories. 
The Big Sister, Big Brother, Mum and Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa mice fit best in a miniature size bed. Big Sister and big brother mice will be a tight fit in a mouse bed. These mice will fit best in a micro size bed.

Mouse or Miniature Sized Furniture 

What about all the Maileg furniture and accessories labeled “miniature” sized? This is where customers get most confused. These are generally a bit oversized for standard mice, but often in a super adorable way - but you should definitely know they’ll seem a bit big if you’re looking for an accurate scale. The “mini” or miniature size was originally intended for the size 1 bunnies and rabbits, which are bigger than the mum and dad mice.

Mouse sized is a smaller scale, perfect for standard dollhouse scale. 

The House of Maileg is made to fit either size of furniture. The Maileg Castle is made for the mouse size furniture and accessories. 

I hope this is helpful! If you are unsure about any product or sizing for your own collection, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!