organic waldorf comfort doll
organic waldorf comfort doll

organic waldorf comfort doll

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the newest beautiful addition to our exclusive collection of handmade waldorf dolls.

this waldorf comfort doll is hand sculpted using organic sheep wool from our  doll makers own gorgeous sheep. 

each doll is made according to European doll making tradition, in line with Steiner / waldorf early childhood strategies. their facial details are minimal with a neutral expression, allowing children to project any emotion onto their doll during earliest pretend play. each doll has a wool formed ‘body’ wrapped in the softest velour, and wearing a soft knotted velour cap on their head. the soft velour blanket/body provides littlest ones with comfort. the sculpted wool doll is made using natural fibres that become warm within a child’s embrace, providing even more comfort. perfectly unisex and a beautiful, unique gift! 

available in grey or black velour, with dark or fair skin tone. 

exclusive to and handmade in Connecticut. 




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