grimms pastel large stacker

grimms pastel large stacker

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This Large Rainbow Tower from Grimm's is a wonderfully versatile stacking/sorting toy that will delight and stimulate children with its beauty and inviting surface-feel. This excellent first stacking toy will immerse toddlers in the pure joy of color while they develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination by stacking the 10 rings or sorting them from biggest to smallest. The vibrant hues and the ring sizes graduate like a rainbow as they move from larger at the base and smaller towards the top. But there's no "right" way: Kids can stack them in any order they choose! This Tower's ageless design and sturdy construction will last for generations with proper care.

Measuring approximately 10-inches (25 cm) in height, this heirloom-quality piece comes minimally packaged in clear shrink wrap. For Ages 1 year & above. Made of sustainably-harvested European linden wood that is stained with safe, certified non toxic, water-based stains (no worrisome paint or varnish!). Wood is an ideal material for a baby's first sensory impressions, and bacteria cannot breed easily on unvarnished wood surfaces. No need to worry if your baby or toddler wants to teethe on any parts of this toy -- it's safe!

About Grimm's:
Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design is a family focused German company that lovingly produces heirloom-quality toys from natural and sustainable materials. These designs encourage exploration and open-ended play. Drawing inspiration from the Waldorf educational philosophy, which advocates learning through thoughtful, creative play at an unhurried pace, Grimm’s uses minimalist designs that leave plenty of room for children to explore, experiment and create. Produced in Europe using locally sourced timber from sustainably managed forests with FSC certification.

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