grimms element rainbow medium

grimms element rainbow medium

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This set of 6 rainbow stacking elements come nested inside each other.

The four elements water, fire, earth and air offer endless possibilities to discover shapes, colours and building/stacking games.

The rainbow is a fascinating object for children of all ages. Bring a rainbow home and let your child explore form and colours through creative play. Grimm's 6-piece wooden rainbow helps to develope motor skills and sorting techniques but with some fantasy it also can be used to build bridges, tunnels, fences or even small houses. Grimm's wooden rainbow is made of alder wood and has been painted with safe water based colours and is recommended by "Spiel gut" a german toy guide. The largest piece of the rainbow measures 18 cm (7.2 inches). Grimm's toys grow with your child, with the same toys appealling to children of many ages; they are not only wonderful baby toys but are also great, creative toys for young children.

We also carry a full range of complimentary Grimm's toys, available in our play collection. 

Recommended age: 0 years+

Accessories not included

17 cm

Made in Bosnia

All of Grimm's toys are produced and hand painted in small factories within Germany or in partnering ateliers in Europe. Each item is produced with lots of care and anyone that has ever held a Grimm's toy in their hands will understand their slogan: "Joy through colours"! Grimm's developes toys that help children discover their own creativity through simple and reduced shapes that leave room for independent arrangement. Many of Grimm's toys integrate Waldorf and Montessori aspects in their design. Grimm's are one of Europe's most beloved companies for natural toys. Ava's Appletree is proud to offer Grimm's toys now to parents in Canada.

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