NEW pikler triangle climber
NEW pikler triangle climber

NEW pikler triangle climber

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Wooden Pikler triangle handmade in Canada. Solid wooden construction, using the highest grade solid Canadian maple and furniture grade pine wood. 

The Pikler triangle indoor climber is an incredible active toy for children from birth to 6 years and even older. 

As an infant learns to pull themselves up, the lowest rungs on this solid climber are the perfect height to grasp. They will engage hand/eye coordination and develop proprioceptive skills needed to balance. Do not ever put your child on the climber. Instead, allow your child's natural core strength and self motivated developmental intuition guide them to learn to pull up, stand, climb. As your infant grows into a toddler, they will begin climbing the rungs and explore their own body in space. Over time, your child will learn how to climb up and over, and back down their climber. It is important to allow each child to learn on their own time, as their development and physical strength allows. Placing a child at the top of the climber before they have developed the core strength needed is dangerous and counterproductive to their internal motivation to move safely. 

Children will love the open ended play opportunities the climber provides. From endless climbs, fort building, tunnelling beneath it, the opportunities to play and learn are truly amazing. 

Custom built by highly skilled Ontario carpenters, we are thrilled to support local and know you will love the quality and craftmanship of these climbers. 

The climber is sanded and totally natural, unfinished wood. Clean with a damp cloth when necessary. 


Adult supervision is absolutely necessary. 

Inspect all pieces frequently. 

Ensure no sharp or breakable objects are nearby the climber to reduce the risk of injury if there is a fall. 

Limit the number of children on the climber at the same time to reduce the risk of injury. We suggest one child at a time on the climber. 

Carpets are ideal surfaces beneath the climber incase of falls. 

Exercise caution and provide supervision at all times. 

Small Triangle: width: 23" height: 31" depth closed: 6"depth open: 37 1/2" 

Large Triangle: width: 31" height: 31" depth closed: 6"depth open: 37 1/2" 

price includes shipping within Canada. Pairs perfectly with our climber ramp collection. Please note this item is handmade and arrives in unbranded packaging. Assembly is required! 

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